Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goodbye Provo!

So, I officially graudated. My last test in my last class at BYU: Beginning Irish Dance, took me 5 minutes to finish. I got a 4.0 my last term! (I only took 1 class, but a 4.0 at last!)

Friday, June 17th was my last day in Provo, and I went with some of my roomies to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days. There was a surprising lack of Strawberries, but there were carnies, and games, and rides, and shops, and a performance by the Grassroots Shakespeare Co. It turned out to be a lovely night. (ended with an *NSYNC dance party.)

Here are some photos!

The super cool Fries that NPR and the food network featured! yum!

I'm fairly certain that if you go inside this ride, you will be transported
through time and space to the year 2000. 

Ninja Warrior for children. I would have been all over this 15 years ago.

This carnie was fantastic. He struck this pose then yelled at me 'Take my picture!" So great.

Battle Royale. Foam bow's and arrows. much more fun than the crowns they had for girls.

This amazing man, just chilling, gotta love Veterans!

Patriotic dog.


Face painting is not only for toddlers. Pretty cool.

Shakespeare?!? Ok!