Wednesday, July 6, 2011


June 7th was my little brother's 8th birthday party.
He is obsessed with Doctor Who.
I also quite enjoy it myself.
So for his great birthday party, I made a pinata, 
of a Dalek.
If you know Doctor Who, you know how awesome that is.
If you don't know Doctor Who, well FIX IT!
(all of the episodes except for the most recent season are available for online viewing on netflix)

First I made the head, please note the glow sticks for ear, things.

Then I added the body. After this I paper mache-ed it all.

Here is the finished product, painted and everything. 

Pretty good eh?

Before I went home for the party, the Dalek lived in our window.
2 people actually knocked on our door to tell us that our Dalek looked good.
The thing is, you would really have to know Doctor Who to recognize it,
so they were the very best of nerds.

On the drive up to the party, I made sure to strap my Dalek in.
Safety is key.

Luckily the kids broke it pretty easily and the damage wasn't too bad, so I gave it to my brother. 
It is now siting on the mantel at my parent's house.