Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Return to the Jetty

A rough panorama of the Jetty. (I don't have photo shop, so 'paint' what I am left with. you get the idea)
Last Saturday, I went to the Spiral Jetty again with some friends. This is the 5th time i've been there in the last 3 years. But hey, if you have a major work of art in your state, why not go check it out? Plus, it has always been different, because of the changing water levels of the Great Salt Lake. This time, it was almost completely submerged by water because of the spring run off. It's cool to see it morph and change as the weather erodes it as well, and it all goes in to the theory of entropy that Robert Smithson (the artist) was interested in.

The last time I was here, was for my Senior Project, last July. You can see my post with the video of that project here. Needless to say, I have started to have a fond relationship with the Jetty. I'll probably return every year or so, to check out what has changed and to see it in new conditions, so if you ever want to go check it out, let me know and I'll come with!

Here are some more photos from the day:

Wading in the salty, pink water.

My love for the Jetty expressed through dance.

Tai Chi, or something.

Wax on, wax off.

I waded out to a rock and had some peaceful meditative time.

A party in the USA.

Nearby the Jetty, is an actual Jetty, and a shack and the remnants of an old dig for oil or tar or something. Here is an old wrecking ball or something, last time I was here (last year) there wasn't an alien. 

the shack, pink water, the black shadows in the water is actually natural tar.

my roommates, filling in the gaps

Tiff and David, and some graffiti.

America's Next Top Model, Jetty edition.

I told them to run and be free in the wasteland. Well done.

Boys like to climb things.

Of course, when you are in a wasteland, you must do cartwheels.

Not contrived at all.

David saw a tire, and wanted to roll it, but had some difficulty. It was full of wet mud/sand. It entertained us though.