Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kilts, Kilts Everywhere: I am in HEAVEN!

On Saturday, the 11th I went to the Scottish Festival and Highland Games
and Thanksgiving Point, in Utah.
It was absolutely FANTASTIC!
Surrounded by kilts, pipes, clans, Irish and Highland dancing, highland games. 
All a lad or lassy could desire. Here are the photos!

The pipers in the opening ceremonies. and a photographer. in a kilt.

Clans getting ready for their parade.

Some VERY attractive men in kilts. I love kilts.

the opening ceremonies again.

Stone tossing. So Manly.

These signs were everywhere. For good reason.

and the Caber Toss. so cool to watch.

Hay toss. up and over.

tossing weights.

the Witch of Pittenweem

the tartan of my clan: The MacDonalds! Sadly, there wasn't a representation of the MacDonald's there. A disgrace.

A band that was playing.

I'm digging the pipes and the man in the sun glasses.

winner: cutest kilt award, in my opinion.

the Modern Scottish Family
And now, pictures of these killer Irish dancers!

This little girl was rockin!

So, I will definitely come to this again in the future. 
And someday when I have children, they WILL come to this. 
Scotland Forever!