Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dancEncemble concert!

In just one week, will be the 
dancEncemble concert at BYU.

I will be performing in 4 dances, and 
I choreographed a piece as well.

Plus, they mention my piece on the 
byuarts website in the 
concert description! 
I am famous! 

This is what it says: 

'Other highlights of the evening will include "I'm Here to Win,"
choreographed by student Ellen Nicole Allen. 
The piece is a satirical look at reality television today. 
The dance entertains, but also leaves the 
audience wondering, "What do you win 
if you are not here to make friends?" '

Click Here to check it out, 
and also to purchase tickets!
Come and see this awesome concert, 
for only $6!