Thursday, March 31, 2011

New books! and selling on etsy!

Here is my first flat back book:

Check out that headband I made!

Here is my papercase book. check out the beatles pin!

Then I took the principles from the flat back book, and made a hard back cover for some of my paper backs.

and another, with a window to see the original cover art.

And now I'm selling some books on

Check it out! Tell your friends! Buy my books!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dancEncemble concert!

In just one week, will be the 
dancEncemble concert at BYU.

I will be performing in 4 dances, and 
I choreographed a piece as well.

Plus, they mention my piece on the 
byuarts website in the 
concert description! 
I am famous! 

This is what it says: 

'Other highlights of the evening will include "I'm Here to Win,"
choreographed by student Ellen Nicole Allen. 
The piece is a satirical look at reality television today. 
The dance entertains, but also leaves the 
audience wondering, "What do you win 
if you are not here to make friends?" '

Click Here to check it out, 
and also to purchase tickets!
Come and see this awesome concert, 
for only $6!