Monday, February 28, 2011

thoughts about the Middle East

Now, this is NOT a political blog, and I don't usually talk about these kind of things but I've been thinking...

I feel like Pre-9/11 Americans didn't really think about the Middle East all that much. I mean there was Afghanistan, but for my generation at least, it was only mentioned every once and a while on the news, and at the end of the year in American History, when all you really cared about was the upcoming summer break.

In Post-9/11, suddenly we started to pay attention. But not really in fully formed or positive ways. There were some scary guys over there who wanted to hurt us, and a whole bunch of other innocent, perfectly nice people as well. (This is a simplification, so don't think I'm that ignorant, but you get the idea).

And now we have Post-Egypt. I feel like for me at least, it was an eye opening experience. Suddenly there are multiple countries with people, who are willing to fight for their freedom and beliefs. Something that our country was founded on, and something that we seem to have lost touch with. I have studied Anthropology and I love learning about culture and beliefs, but I have to admit that I really don't know much at all about these countries and their political struggles. It kind of makes me a little ashamed, but I am more grateful for the opportunity to learn more about them.

 I hope for the very best for all of these people, struggling for liberation.

And I hope that I and other people with similar freedoms do not take them for granted.