Monday, February 28, 2011

thoughts about the Middle East

Now, this is NOT a political blog, and I don't usually talk about these kind of things but I've been thinking...

I feel like Pre-9/11 Americans didn't really think about the Middle East all that much. I mean there was Afghanistan, but for my generation at least, it was only mentioned every once and a while on the news, and at the end of the year in American History, when all you really cared about was the upcoming summer break.

In Post-9/11, suddenly we started to pay attention. But not really in fully formed or positive ways. There were some scary guys over there who wanted to hurt us, and a whole bunch of other innocent, perfectly nice people as well. (This is a simplification, so don't think I'm that ignorant, but you get the idea).

And now we have Post-Egypt. I feel like for me at least, it was an eye opening experience. Suddenly there are multiple countries with people, who are willing to fight for their freedom and beliefs. Something that our country was founded on, and something that we seem to have lost touch with. I have studied Anthropology and I love learning about culture and beliefs, but I have to admit that I really don't know much at all about these countries and their political struggles. It kind of makes me a little ashamed, but I am more grateful for the opportunity to learn more about them.

 I hope for the very best for all of these people, struggling for liberation.

And I hope that I and other people with similar freedoms do not take them for granted. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

for the beauty of the earth...

Earlier tonight I drove up to the Provo Temple, walked around and took the following photos. Here are the best ones!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daughter of Eve...

So I've recently gotten really into genealogy, which may seem nerdy, but is really cool. I have started to see that I have ancestors that were kings all over Europe and today I found something amazing. 

I was tracing a line, from England, to France, then Danish Kings, Swedish Kings, Trojan Kings, and suddenly my line is connected to Noah! and from there it was a straight shot all the way to Adam and Eve! Is that amazing or what?!? 

Here is the line from Adam and Eve all the way down to me:

76 Adam and Eve
75 Seth and Azura
74 (Henos Enos) Enosh and Noam daughter of Seth
73 Cainan and Mualeleth
72 Mahalaheel and Dinah
71 Jared and Bâraka bat Rashujal
70 Enoch (prophet) and unknown wife
69 Lamech son of Methuselah and Betenos
68 Noah (prophet) and Emzara Naamah Coba
67 (Asia) Shem and (dau) Eliakim
66 Bedwig (Hedwig) and Mrs Bedweg Queen of Trojans
65 Hwala (Hivala) King of Trojans and Mrs Athra
64 Athra (Atbra, Hathra) Troy King of Troy and Itormann
63 Heremond (Heremod, Heremoed) King of Trojans and Scealdea
62 Sceaf (Skjoeld) King of Trojans and Dagreid (Dageith) Dagsdotter
61 Tecti (Tactwattatwa) King of Troy and Tecti
60 Jat (Geata, great) Troy King of Troy and Geata
59 Godwulf (Godolf) King of Troy and Godwulf Queen of Troy
58 Godwulf (Godolf) King of Trojans and Mrs Godwulf Queen of Trojans
57 Frithuwulf King of Trojans and Frigthuwulf Queen of Trojans
56 Freothalaf (Frealaf Friallaf, Froethelaf) Trojans King of Trojans and Dagreid (Dageith) Dagsdotter
55 Frithuwald “Bor” of Asgard and Beltsa Queen of West Saxons
54 King Odin-Wodin of Åsgård and Frigg verch Cadwaldr
53 Skiold King of the Danes and Gefion a diety Denmark Queen of Denmark
52 Fredleif Skjoldsson and Fridleif Skjoldsson
51 Frodi Fridliefsson and Mrs. Frodi Fridliefsson
50 Freidleif Frodason and Queen of Denmark Mrs Fridleif Frodasson
49 Havar “the Stronghand” Fridleifsson and unknown wife
48 Frodi (Haversson) King of Denmark and Mrs Frodi Havarsson
47 Vermundur Frodason and Danpi Havarsdoittir
46 Dan “the Proud” Olafsson and Mrs Grytha olaffsson
45 Frodi Dansson and Mrs Frodi Dansson
44 Halfdan Frodasson and Sigris Aunsdatter
43 Hroar Halfdansson and Ogne Northumbria
42 Valdar Hroarsson and Hildis Princess of Vandals
41 Harald Vardarsson and Hildur Heiderksdatter
40 Hafdan Haraldsson, King of Sweden and Maolda Kinriksdatter
39 Radbart King of Gardarige and Aud ‘The Deep Minded’ Ivarsdottir, queen of Russia
38 “King” Randyer Radbartsson of Denmark and Auda Ivarsdatter
37 Sigurd Randversson King in Sweden and Alfhild Gandolfsdatter
36 Ragnar “Lodbrok” Sigurdsson and Asiaug Sigursdatter
35 Sigurd Ragnarsson and Heluna or Blenja England
34 Horda-Knut Sigurdsson and Mrs. Harde-Knud Sigurdsson
33 Gorm of Jutland King of Denmark and Thyri Klacksdottir
32 Harold (VII) (Bluetooth, King of Denmark) and Gyrid Olafsson
31 Sveyn (I) (Forkbeard, King of Denmark) and Gunhilda ( Of Poland)
30 Canute (King of England, Denmark and Norway) Emma (of Normandy)
29 Geoffrey (Duke of Brittany) and Avicia
28 Eudon (I) (Duke of Briddany) and Anne De Leon
27 Geoffrey la Zouche and Hawise Fergant
26 Alan La Zouche and Alice De Blemeis
25 Sir Roger La Zouche and Margaret de Beaumont
24 Eon Eudo LA Zouche and Millicent de Cantilupe
23 William Le Zouche Baron and Maud Lovell
22 John Gold and Isabel La Zouche
21 Robert Gould and Elizabeth
20 John Gold and Mrs John Gold
19 Robert Gold and Idonea Mycheldever
18 Thomas Gould and Eleanor
17 John Gould and Katherine Preston
16 James Gould and Margaret Appleton
15 Edward Locke and Joan Gould
14 Nicholas Locke and Frances Lansden
13 Thomas Locke and Christian (Christena) French
12 John Locke and Elizabeth Berry
11 John Locke and Elizabeth Bolles (Bowles)
10 Jude Allen and Deborah Locke
9 Samuel Allen and Ann Clark
8 Samuel Allen Jr and Content Stockbridge
7 Elijah Allen and Mahithble Hall
6 Andrew Lee Allen and Clarinda Knapp
5 Levi Knapp Allen and Livinia Meriam Henson
4 Levi Andrew Henson Allen and Elsie Lucina Skidmore
3 Seth Skidmore Allen and Ladawn Doney
2 Brent Done Allen and Kathrine Cutler
1Ellen Nicole Allen

Pretty awesome eh! All of this was found through You should check out your genealogy as well!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

not all those who wander are lost

Here is a video of my project in my Advanced Composition class last semester.
It is a very rough sketch of what it would be if it was set for a concert, so don't be
too judgmental. It is a study on walking, and how walking gets us from
 point a to point b in our lives, literally and figuratively.
 It also explores, hesitation, and how our lives will pass us by
if we let them. We just have to take the step, and start moving, and adventure and life
will come to meet us.

"The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.
 "- JRR Tolkien

Monday, February 14, 2011

My new love

This is Fernando,
My new accordion. 
Check out the gold detail,
and bling... 
The brand is Barcelona,
thus the name 
I felt it needed some
Spanish flair 
I'm getting to be
pretty awesome at it.
Just you wait,  
Soon I'll be shredding it
up gypsy style!

more books!

Here is my new Journal, 
and second book!
It's another coptic binding, 
the paper is recycled 
homemade paper.

 Third book: Coptic 4X4, 
sink art cover

 I like this wave pattern, 
I didn't even mean for the front and back covers
 to match up so well.

My Colophon. 
I got a stamp from 
pretty cool eh?

 I made this one today, 
the photos are from a 
calendar I had last year. 
I kind of love it. 
Dimensions: 9x 9.5

This book binding thing is so fun!
I'm thinking of  making some to sell on etsy. 
What do you think?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's go away for a while, you and I

On January 21st, a noble few 
embarked on a quest to see
 Weezer in Las Vegas. 
They performed the 
Blue and Pinkerton Albums,
 and it was truly remarkable.

Here is their story:

Photo by Travis Boyer

Photo by Travis Boyer

Photo by Travis Boyer

Photo by Travis Boyer

After the concert,
 we ventured to Hoover Dam.
 One of the engineering marvels
 of the United States.

A larger than life experience.
Photo by Justin Boyer

Then back to the Strip for some
sight seeing, banqueting,
 and of course, winning $700
 at the slot machines.

Check  out my brother's blog to see some more details, photos and videos!