Monday, August 1, 2011

If You Could Hike to Kolob

Went hiking in Kolob Canyon. It was BEAUTIFUL!

This picture is an homage to my dad. He would have taken a photo like this

and now some Ansel Adams shots.

The hike ended at a really cool arch. God is an artist.

No, we did not make this mark, it was ALREADY THERE! I love it when you run into other believers.

Watching the Radio

So one day, I was minding my buisiness, listening to NPR, when Radio West came on, and they were broadcasting from the Utah Shakespeare Festival! So I ran out the door and was able to see Doug Fabrizio broadcasting live! Then they did it the next day and you best believe I was there!

Doug and Glass Menagerie Cast

Day 2: Richard III discussion.

You Wanted Arts and Crafts, How's This for Arts and Crafts!

We had a painting day a while back, and it was fabulous.
Rachel as an artist.

The sketch of my painting. Romeo and Juliet.

The other painters.

Rachel's final product.

I especially love the Arby's sighn.

This is as far as I got. I still need to finish it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I fell in to a burning ring of fire!

Midsummer's Eve. A sacred day. This year we had our 5th Annual rites. They are based on the fantastic book 'I Capture the Castle' by Dodie Smith. It was different because Karyn was in China, and she was one of the founding members. But we had some fantastic girls there and the pagan rituals were a success!

Follow me.....

the fantastic cake. yum.

making garlands.

Sunset beauty shots.

What a bunch of flower children.

Our taper had 'china' on it. For Karyn.

trying to light the taper.

It blew out.

At last, SUCCESS!!!!

Burying a dead body?

life of the party. With Martinelli's Sparkling Cider.

Reading the sacred text.