Wednesday, May 19, 2010

thus far without mirrors...

I have learned that the more you try to avoid something, the more you notice it. There are reflective surfaces everywhere! It was super hard up until yesterday, but now it's starting to get easier.

I've also realized, that the less I look in the mirror, the less I care about my appearance. By Saturday, I'm going to look like a wild woman!

Plus, I keep braiding my hair because I know I can do it without looking in the mirror, so my hair is crimpy and puffy like Hermione, but not as cute as this picture.

Yes. I am going to look like another person by the end of this week. Should be fun!

I also realized, that I rely on the mirror to make sure my outfits are normal. I usually push the edge of normaility anyway, but the mirror keeps me from going completely off the wall. I love colors and patterns in my clothes, and the mirror keeps me from having TOO MUCH color and pattern. Today, my outfit is a hodge podge of missmatched patterns and colors. yup. Sorry to anyone who has to put up with my appearance for the next few days, cause I dont' have to look at it!