Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the perfect body

for one of my dance classes, we were assigned to put an image of the 'perfect body' on a paper, then underneath, describe why we chose that image.
Here was my image:
and here is what I wrote:

"To me the 'perfect body' is any natural human body. The more I see in the world of dance, and in life in general, the more I believe this. I used to try to find more specific parameters of a perfect human body, but then I would always find someone who did not fit those parameters, who would do amazing things. The typical stereotype of the perfect dancer body, of the physically toned dancer, is how western society has evolved to believe what a perfect body is. In many other cultures, the curvaceous body is more ideal. Every body is perfect in it's natural state, without unnecessary cosmetic changes. We can do amazing things with our bodies, even if that is just breathing. Simple breathing is a miracle within itself. Let alone the majority of the population who can read and communicate wit each other, and many who develop specialist training that gains notice. With or without that notice, the human body is an amazing vehicle, to help us do amazing things, and by classifying a specific type as 'perfect' we are seriously degrading the potential of the human body each person has. So I can't give you more specific requirements for the 'perfect body' because I honestly don't believe there are any."

This is something that I am very passionate about. Humans are amazing, and we can do amazing things. EVERYONE OF US. No matter the so called limitations we have. For me, I know I limit myself through doubt, more than any outside force limits me. We need to build each other up! Recognize and celebrate each other's talents and achievements! Love the imperfections for how they make us perfectly different from each other! As stated by Shakespeare in Henry VI part 2 : “I seek not to wax great by others’ waning.” The fact that others succeed, does not mean we fail. We all have GREAT POTENTIAL by virtue of being HUMAN, and we can ALL reach it!