Wednesday, August 5, 2009

...Steamboat Springs Colorado...

From July 19-25, my family was in Steamboat Springs Colorado for vacation. To get there we drove through Wyoming for 6 hours in a rented van. We were cramped with 2 parents, 3 grown kids, 1 teenager, 1 6 year old and all of our accompanying luggage. All I can say, is I am so glad we never owned a van. They are Satan's vehicle. It really wasn't too bad, but I was in the back seat with the two youngest, and by the last hour they could not leave each other alone. This was actually pretty good considering we had already drove for 5 hours together, and it only got bad the last hour.

The lovely empty Wyoming countryside. There are cool looking clouds though.

The best sight in Wyoming: This rad old guy next to the "Bargain Barn".

We were chasing this rainbow the whole last hour of the drive.

Karyn, cosying up to Abe Lincoln in downtown Steamboat Springs. Somehow, I don't think he sat like that, but what do I know?

I'm whispering sweet nothings in Benjamin Franklin's ear. He was quite the ladies man.

Riley riding down Main Street in Steamboat. I would have but there was a weight limit for people to get on the horse. bummer.

We went on a short hike and dad found a hamburger!

Look! It's Jon! Oh, and a waterfall!

Fish Creek Falls from above.

My SUPER adorable family. Especially Jon.

This is why we have Riley, to play catch and things. He's really more of a pet than a little brother. There's a video of this fun family moment at the bottom of this post.

Beards! The family resemblance is uncanny!

This is our new friend. He loved to show us his shark toy. I don't know who his family is, or where they were all the time. They never seemed to be around. His name was Richard Elliott, with some hispanic last name that I can't remember, but Richard Elliott just like the organist of the MoTab! Huzzah!

We rode the California Zephyr train back to Salt Lake. We started at the Granby Station. It was a really fun ride, and beautiful. The Granby Station had a platform labeled 3/4. Not quite platform 9 3/4, but close!

The train went through southern Colorado, and Utah, then up to Salt Lake City, so there was a lot of beautiful red rock.
In one of the canyons there was a roadway you could see next to a steep drop off where there were the remains of multiple car crashes. You can see one of them here. The girl who was driving was 14 years old at the time. It was a Suburban, and was stopped by a tree. Amazingly everyone survived. The girl is now like 90 years old or something. There were at least 3 other remains of crashes that I saw on that same cliff.

The train followed the Colorado River for a while, and we saw sights that you can only see if you rafted down the river (which I now want to do someday!). It was stunningly beautiful.

This is the best picture I took from the train. I'm quite proud of it. Sometime I want to take the whole train route from Chicago to California. It takes a couple of days and sounds way fun! It was overall a great trip, and we had a ton of fun. Colorado is amazing! Plus I got some dream catcher earrings! They are pretty dope.

The second video is Riley's post swimming ritual. He is so skinny that he gets cold really easily even in a heated pool, so after a while he has to go sit in his towel to warm up. He has created a little system, and here it is. In the end he looks like an Egyptian mummy.