Friday, August 28, 2009


For years my mom has tried to persuade me to enter into the Miss Kaysville pageant. Why she would think that I would want to EVER do this is beyond me. You would have to reward me with the GUARANTEE of a future British husband with the looks of a movie star, and the manners of Mr. Knightly to even get me to consider doing the swim suit portion. For some reason she never tried to get my sister Karyn to do it. Why? I dunno. What took us all by surprise was my youngest sister Tiffani. She recently took part in the Outstanding Teen for Kaysville pageant (no swimsuit portion in this one, just a ‘physical fitness’ kind of thing- they wore an outfit showing how they work out or stay fit- a much better option in my opinion). It was good for Tiff because it was something that neither Karyn nor I have done, so its all her. Also she is an amazing performer, loves to do it, and the more practice you get the better. We all went to see the pageant and it was combined with the Miss Kaysville pageant as well. (all in all there were 20 total girls competing in both the Outstanding Teen and the Miss Kaysville pageants, so it was LONG). Tiffani DOMINATED the talent portion. She is a STAR! She sang “Not for the Life of Me” from Thoroughly Modern Millie, and was soooo good! The video is below. (Listen for the crescendo, she is so great!) She should have won the talent portion, but some girl who did a dance (that was pretty much just tricks- no creativity) won the talent award. We were so proud of her though. The BEST part was the onstage interview. One of the teen competitors was asked “What is your best feature?”, and she answered, “My hair”. What?!? Seriously? It was great. The only time I was even tempted to do a pageant was when one of the contestants was asked what she thought of Obama and his reign, I mean term so far. She gave some fluffy answer that was vague and nice. I would LOVE to have had that question. Do you really want to know how I feel about Obama? Well this entry isn’t about my political views so I’ll spare you. Lets just say, I would not have won with the answer, but it would be the truth.
All in all the pageant wasn’t so bad. Tiff was awesome. We’ve decided to hold our own pageant. An anti-pageant, where they have to walk as fast as they can in the evening wear competition (maybe make it a race), no swim wear (maybe winter coat wear), and the questions would resemble “if given the opportunity, would you stick it to the man?”, and “Who would win in a fight, a grilled cheese or a taco?”, and the talents would have to be unusual, like taxidermy, or semaphore, or being able to lick your own elbow. I think it would be much more entertaining.