Monday, August 10, 2009

...Kaysville weekend...

This weekend I went home to Kaysville, mostly because Salazar was spazzing out, so we had to take it home to be healed. It ended up being a pretty fun. My family's stake had a fair on Saturday and I went over with my little brother Riley and my sister Tiffani. My dad was in charge of it, so he was there also, but busy overseeing everything.
Riley absolutely loved it. He won 2 target beach balls, and other various little prizes, got a harry potter scar painted on his face.

There are no words. He is just cool.

Cotton candy bigger than his face.
Tiff sang "Not for the life of me" from Thoroughly Modern Millie at the variety show. She rocks. for proof watch the video below.

so after meditating for a 5 minute car ride, he gained the focus and strength to climb the great post. super human strength!