Friday, August 28, 2009


For years my mom has tried to persuade me to enter into the Miss Kaysville pageant. Why she would think that I would want to EVER do this is beyond me. You would have to reward me with the GUARANTEE of a future British husband with the looks of a movie star, and the manners of Mr. Knightly to even get me to consider doing the swim suit portion. For some reason she never tried to get my sister Karyn to do it. Why? I dunno. What took us all by surprise was my youngest sister Tiffani. She recently took part in the Outstanding Teen for Kaysville pageant (no swimsuit portion in this one, just a ‘physical fitness’ kind of thing- they wore an outfit showing how they work out or stay fit- a much better option in my opinion). It was good for Tiff because it was something that neither Karyn nor I have done, so its all her. Also she is an amazing performer, loves to do it, and the more practice you get the better. We all went to see the pageant and it was combined with the Miss Kaysville pageant as well. (all in all there were 20 total girls competing in both the Outstanding Teen and the Miss Kaysville pageants, so it was LONG). Tiffani DOMINATED the talent portion. She is a STAR! She sang “Not for the Life of Me” from Thoroughly Modern Millie, and was soooo good! The video is below. (Listen for the crescendo, she is so great!) She should have won the talent portion, but some girl who did a dance (that was pretty much just tricks- no creativity) won the talent award. We were so proud of her though. The BEST part was the onstage interview. One of the teen competitors was asked “What is your best feature?”, and she answered, “My hair”. What?!? Seriously? It was great. The only time I was even tempted to do a pageant was when one of the contestants was asked what she thought of Obama and his reign, I mean term so far. She gave some fluffy answer that was vague and nice. I would LOVE to have had that question. Do you really want to know how I feel about Obama? Well this entry isn’t about my political views so I’ll spare you. Lets just say, I would not have won with the answer, but it would be the truth.
All in all the pageant wasn’t so bad. Tiff was awesome. We’ve decided to hold our own pageant. An anti-pageant, where they have to walk as fast as they can in the evening wear competition (maybe make it a race), no swim wear (maybe winter coat wear), and the questions would resemble “if given the opportunity, would you stick it to the man?”, and “Who would win in a fight, a grilled cheese or a taco?”, and the talents would have to be unusual, like taxidermy, or semaphore, or being able to lick your own elbow. I think it would be much more entertaining.

Thursday, August 20, 2009 rockstar brothers...

So, in June the band Ace Enders and a Million Different People came out to Utah to film the music video for their song "When I Hit the Ground". My friend from high school's husband was directing it, and they needed a little boy for it so we volunteered my little brother. He did awesome. We spent the day with rock stars and Riley's new favorite band is Ace Enders instead of the Jonas Brothers. (All good things). My older brother Jon was also in it as the car dealer.

And now, the music video is released online! You can see it at please check it out! My lil bro is so tender! And if you look close you can see my other brother's CTR ring as he hands the keys over to another character. All in all, well done brothers! and Ace!

Friday, August 14, 2009

...homeless week...

So starting today, I'm officially homeless for a week! Ok, well not quite homeless. I had to move out of my apartment today, which I did at 6am before work, and I can't move into my new place until the 25th. This is a situation that a lot of Provo residents are dealing with now. Luckily I can stay at my parents for the week, then move back down to Provo. Yippee! Right now my car is full of my stuff, I look like this REAL homeless lady I saw at Smith's on Wednesday. Her car was full of useless junk(well it seemed useless to me, but it's probably important to her) just like my junk is in my car. What fun!

Monday, August 10, 2009

...Kaysville weekend...

This weekend I went home to Kaysville, mostly because Salazar was spazzing out, so we had to take it home to be healed. It ended up being a pretty fun. My family's stake had a fair on Saturday and I went over with my little brother Riley and my sister Tiffani. My dad was in charge of it, so he was there also, but busy overseeing everything.
Riley absolutely loved it. He won 2 target beach balls, and other various little prizes, got a harry potter scar painted on his face.

There are no words. He is just cool.

Cotton candy bigger than his face.
Tiff sang "Not for the life of me" from Thoroughly Modern Millie at the variety show. She rocks. for proof watch the video below.

so after meditating for a 5 minute car ride, he gained the focus and strength to climb the great post. super human strength!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

...Steamboat Springs Colorado...

From July 19-25, my family was in Steamboat Springs Colorado for vacation. To get there we drove through Wyoming for 6 hours in a rented van. We were cramped with 2 parents, 3 grown kids, 1 teenager, 1 6 year old and all of our accompanying luggage. All I can say, is I am so glad we never owned a van. They are Satan's vehicle. It really wasn't too bad, but I was in the back seat with the two youngest, and by the last hour they could not leave each other alone. This was actually pretty good considering we had already drove for 5 hours together, and it only got bad the last hour.

The lovely empty Wyoming countryside. There are cool looking clouds though.

The best sight in Wyoming: This rad old guy next to the "Bargain Barn".

We were chasing this rainbow the whole last hour of the drive.

Karyn, cosying up to Abe Lincoln in downtown Steamboat Springs. Somehow, I don't think he sat like that, but what do I know?

I'm whispering sweet nothings in Benjamin Franklin's ear. He was quite the ladies man.

Riley riding down Main Street in Steamboat. I would have but there was a weight limit for people to get on the horse. bummer.

We went on a short hike and dad found a hamburger!

Look! It's Jon! Oh, and a waterfall!

Fish Creek Falls from above.

My SUPER adorable family. Especially Jon.

This is why we have Riley, to play catch and things. He's really more of a pet than a little brother. There's a video of this fun family moment at the bottom of this post.

Beards! The family resemblance is uncanny!

This is our new friend. He loved to show us his shark toy. I don't know who his family is, or where they were all the time. They never seemed to be around. His name was Richard Elliott, with some hispanic last name that I can't remember, but Richard Elliott just like the organist of the MoTab! Huzzah!

We rode the California Zephyr train back to Salt Lake. We started at the Granby Station. It was a really fun ride, and beautiful. The Granby Station had a platform labeled 3/4. Not quite platform 9 3/4, but close!

The train went through southern Colorado, and Utah, then up to Salt Lake City, so there was a lot of beautiful red rock.
In one of the canyons there was a roadway you could see next to a steep drop off where there were the remains of multiple car crashes. You can see one of them here. The girl who was driving was 14 years old at the time. It was a Suburban, and was stopped by a tree. Amazingly everyone survived. The girl is now like 90 years old or something. There were at least 3 other remains of crashes that I saw on that same cliff.

The train followed the Colorado River for a while, and we saw sights that you can only see if you rafted down the river (which I now want to do someday!). It was stunningly beautiful.

This is the best picture I took from the train. I'm quite proud of it. Sometime I want to take the whole train route from Chicago to California. It takes a couple of days and sounds way fun! It was overall a great trip, and we had a ton of fun. Colorado is amazing! Plus I got some dream catcher earrings! They are pretty dope.

The second video is Riley's post swimming ritual. He is so skinny that he gets cold really easily even in a heated pool, so after a while he has to go sit in his towel to warm up. He has created a little system, and here it is. In the end he looks like an Egyptian mummy.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

...Adventures with Salazar...

This is Salazar.
I called the car Salazar because it's green, and old and it sounds cool. Well Salazar and I have had some great adventures in the last few months. The car is 14 years old, but it was my grandma's so it has great mileage, perfect for a poor college st
udent I'd say.

So on to our adventures:

First, because of his age, Salazar's gas gauge is totally out of wack. When it is full, it is like 1/4 past where full should be, when the gauge shows 1/4 tank, it is basically out of gas. The difficult matter is that it will always fluctuate around the 1/4 tank mark, so you are never quite sure if it is going to run out of gas or not. As a result, I usually fill it probably too early, but safe. As a gauge I check the mileage of each tank of gas. This can vary also, depending on how much I have driven on the highway, etc.

So, in the early spring of this year, I was driving from Provo to Kaysville with my sister, and before I left, I knew I needed gas, but in the excitement of leaving, I forgot. We proceeded, and got all the way to Woods Cross, when Salazar started to sputter. Before I even looked at the gauge, I knew I was out of gas. When I glanced down, it was almost at the empty mark (so pretty much beyond empty for Salazar). We quickly merged right like crazy and got to the side of the road. 10 miles from our destination. We had to call home, and my dad came and rescued us with enough gas to get home. We got 380 miles on that tank of gas. Now I know the limits I guess.

The next adventure was in the month of June. This June was really cold and rainy for a Utah June. I was also doing quite a bit of driving from Provo to Kaysville for rehearsals of "Thoroughly Modern
Millie" in Kaysville. Much of this driving was at night, and on rainy nights. Problem was, the last time the windshield wipers to changed, they were not done very well. On multiple occasions I had to pull to the side of the freeway to refasten them, in hopes that they would stay attached the rest of the drive. One night in particular it was raining like crazy, and I could hardly see, but I was so afraid to use the wipers because they were more than likely going to flip right off. It was pretty much the drive from Hades, but I made it. Before the next drive I took some electrical tape and fastened the loose wiper. Surprisingly, It has held up pretty well. Now it looks pretty high class.

Thirdly, I like to drive fast. And it's a bad habit. Another bad habit, is using the carpool lane (when I'm by myself) to pass slow cars in the fast lane. I know, I know, I'm an obnoxious driver. Well all of that came back to bite me on July 17. I was trying to get to the Motab concert in Salt Lake, and for various reasons, I left Provo really late. So I was driving too fast. I knew I should not use the carpool lane the way I had done in the past, but in a moment of weakness, coming around point of the mountain, I used the HOV lane to pass another car. Just as I was speeding past them and pulling back into the fast lane, I saw the cop. I don't like swearing, so I've never gotten into the habit of swearing, but I got pretty close to cursing at this moment. If I had enunciated a little more I probably would have. I pulled over, really anxious because the concert was starting in 5 minutes. I told the officer I was racing to get to the Motab concert, (rather ironic, I know). And he took his time in printing the ticket. OK, well it wasn't really that long, but it seemed like an eternity and I was getting anxious to get to the concert. Finally he gave the citation to me, and I tried to get to the concert as fast as possible, within the law. I got to Salt Lake, parked and ran to the Conference Center. Tiffani and my mom were waiting outside for me, and we ran inside. We missed the first few songs. It was an amazing concert, but I was on edge the whole time from the earlier experience. On this past Friday, I went to Draper City to pay the ticket and any guesses at the cost?.......................
$180! And that's $180 that I just do not have. Oh well. Draper City will have a few more flowers at the Court building because of me. You're Welcome Draper.

(I wish the cop that pulled me over looked like this guy. Nice mustache.)

More recently, on Thursday, at about 1:30, I got an instant message from one of the supervisors at work, asking me if I drove a blue Grand Am. I answered that it was green blue, and then they asked if I had an unique key chain, and I answered that I did. I was starting to get worried about what was up with dear old Sal. Plus, I looked in my bag and the keys weren't there. I was starting to worry that I had dropped them in the parking lot, and Salazar had been broken into or something. Then the supervisor who had messaged me came walking toward my computer with some man I didn't know. They showed me the keys and they were indeed mine. Then they asked if I had a pillow with my name on it in the car. I said yes, and then they told me that someone who worked in the building had noticed that the car was running in the parking lot. They saw the keys in the ignition, with the windows cracked. They used a hanger to break in and got the keys. They saw my name on the pillow in the car, and asked my supervisor if there was a Nicole working there. I can't believe I did that. It's so embarrassing. But I share these things in teh hope that I won't become to self centered and praise seeking in this blog. You get just as much of the ridiculousness of my life. I was really lucky that no one decided to take it for a joy ride. That's the up side of having an old car, no one wants to steal it! I had come back from lunch at 11 am, and they told me at 1:30, so the car was running in the parking lot for 2 1/2 hours! Stupid moment of the day! But when I got back to my car, all seemed to be well. Salazar is a trooper.

And now, the most recent drama. On Saturday, my mom had taken Sal in to get the oil changed, and apparently there was no coolant at all. This was probably a result of the most recent parking lot incident. They filled it up, but the low coolant light was still showing, so they filled it up more. That night I was picking up Rachel to drive back to Provo, and when we pulled out of the driveway, we could see there was a whole lot of coolant leaking on her driveway. Plus there was a funky burning smell. I drove back to my families house and we couldn't see what was the issue, most especially because The temperature gauge was not in the red. Anyway I drove my mom's car back to Provo. This morning everyone drove down to Spanish Fork for our cousins' baby Taegan Rex's (T.Rex) blessing, so they drove Salazar down. It was totally fine for them so we switched back. I drove it back to Provo, and as I got close to home, the funky smell came back, and the low coolant light was on, but the temperature gauge was not in the red. Then it was leaking fluid again. The best guess we have is that the mechanics over filled the coolant and when it gets hot, it overflows and leaks. I hope this is all it is. We shall see.
So there you have it. Salazar and I have had quite an eventful few months together, and its probably just the beginning. As a result, I've grown quite fond of Salazar.